inri studio presents a film by tzang merwyn tong
A movie dedicated to the misfits & the dreamers, the rebels, the thinkers, and most importantly, the believers.

Bullying. College shootings. Terrorism. School bombings. False martyrs. What's it like growing up as a Teenager in the Post 9-11 world?

Where nothing is right or wrong anymore. Trying to find yourself, and your identity, as a teenager, in this increasingly surreal world.


Set in an alternate universe, in a college called FAERYVILLE, a group of teenage misfits struggle to find themselves and make sense of their ‘purpose’. They decide that there is no reason in trying to fit-in, trying like ‘everybody’ to be ‘somebody’, choosing instead to mock the establishment, as pranksters – calling themselves The Nobodies. Now, what’s their plan? Frankly, they have no idea, until Laer, a transfer student, joins them and takes them on a warpath of self-discovery and no return.


Faeryville is a dystopian teen movie, a stylish coming of age film about youth making sense of their idealistic dreams in our increasingly surreal world - a fictional manifestation of very real issues prevalent in the Post 9-11 world.

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Played by Lyon SIM

Played by Aaron Samuel YONG

Played by Farid ASSALAM

Played by Jae LEUNG

POE is a sensitive new age punk, the leader of ‘The Nobodies’ clique.

LAER is a boy with a troubled past. The new boy in school. A ticking timebomb.

TAURUS doesn’t care much for ideology. He thinks it’s bullshit.

CK is tired being the funny guy. Tired of trying to fit in all the time.

Played by Tanya GRAHAM

Played by Jade GRIFFIN

Played by Roshan G.

Played by Kris MOLLER

BELLE was once the Anarchist, the rebel queen. But not now. Not anymore.

CHLOE is always with her camera, so she fits in – everywhere

AJ is a frat boy of The Cavalry, and he wants it all.

THE PRINCIPAL It’s not easy being the man at the top.


Tzang Merwyn Tong is the founder of INRI studio and an independent script writer/ film director of 3 award winning films. Tzang’s films are characterized by his rather offbeat style, often set in a surreal environment, incorporating elements of fairytale and comic fantasy.


His films include, V1K1 – A Techno Fairytale (Gold Remi Award at Houston WorldFest 2011), A Wicked Tale and e'Tzaintes (Opening Night Film at Berlin Asia Pacific Film Festival 2003). A Wicked Tale, a psycho-erotic thriller based on the Little Red Riding Hood fable premiered to sold out audiences and critical acclaim at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The film went on to festivals in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Montreal, Lund, Leeds and Florida, receiving rave reviews as the Closing Night film of the Montreal FANTASIA Festival. It was described by The Mirror as a “hallucinatory atmospheric film drenched in lust and dread”.


Also through A Wicked Tale, Tzang is the youngest Singaporean ever to release a film commercially on DVD. His works have been featured in international publications like Res, Cinependent, Screen International, Timeout, Fangoria and Rue Morgue, and is named by I-S magazine as an ‘X-Factor personality from Singapore to watch out for’.


FAERYVILLE is his first feature film.

V1K1 – A Techno Fairytale

V1K1, an indie Sci Fi Thriller, starring Leanna Tan & Del Wynegar, featuring music by Amanda Ling, tells the story of a human scientist and his obsession to prove the existence of fairies.



A Wicked Tale is a psycho-erotic thriller based on the story of the Little Red Riding Hood, a tale about manipulation, seduction and innocence lost. Stars Evelyn Maria Ng, Johan Ydstrand.


e’TZAINTES – Giving Self Deceit a  Better Name

No budget teenage black comedy about rejection and rebellion in the new world.

"One Singapore filmmaker is standing out from the rest of the pack."



“A Maverick. Tzang is part of a New Breed of Singapore Filmmakers.”

– F*** magazine


“Original and engaging… uber-hip, brimming with spunk, intensity and sassy ideas”

– (on Faeryville)


“Tzang Merwyn Tong - an X-Factor personality from Singapore to watch out for.”

– I-S Magazine


Do not underestimate the power of a collective. Want to watch Faeryville in your city?


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